Transforming the Lifestyle of a Chef (short bio)

The road to being a chef does not include a how-to guide on how to maintain a healthy body, mind and spirit through diet, exercise and organic stress relief, that’s for sure. It is actually quite the opposite. Like many chefs working their way up in Boston’s demanding high end restaurant scene, I also fell into the typical debilitating lifestyle.

I started my journey young. At 14 I was already starting to build my culinary foundation and gain hands on experience in local restaurants and hotels. My chef instructors in high school saw a talent in me and encouraged me to further my education at Newbury College. I took the advice and moved back to Boston, where I was originally from. For the next 9 years I would go from the harbor up to the 32nd floor of the 60 State Street Building to the North End, Beacon Hill and Back Bay seeking my own style, finding what I could bring to the table in this industry and the people I was feeding.

Now, 13 years later, my theory about where food “trends” should go is not the next best molecular confection or necessarily the most sustainable organic farm to table concept. It is actually a lot simpler than that and is set in motion by the lifestyle of the chef to ultimately benefit all of those around him. This lifestyle and also title of the book I am writing, The Progressive Modern Chef, starts with a health conscious mindset. Evolving from many of those before us, we are walking on a path of wellness in our own lives and express this in our food.

It is only through the last two and a half years of developing a primarily plant based diet for myself and feeling the change that I have been inspired to take my culinary talent to the next level. Bringing a health conscience to a menu for guests only allows me to go so far, especially in a corporate environment. Creating flavor profiles while incorporating, organic omega rich proteins and nutrient dense produce and superfoods has been the paint on my canvas and the drive in my motivation. Sharing this philosophy with others and spreading the knowledge I have obtained throughout my career and watching those around me learn how to get the most from food is, at the end of the day, more than rewarding.

Our bodies are the only vessel we have to carry us through this journey. Let’s amplify the abundance of nature’s offerings and maximize our potential.

      EAT TO LIVE!

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