Restaurant Consultation & Group Demos

Are you an Executive Chef or restaurant owner? Have you let your own well being fall by the way side and put your establishment first?Maybe making some positive mindful changes in your own life through healthy eating habits, exercise and organic stress relief could rub off on your staff and even benefit the guests. Consider a Pro-mo Consultation.

Progressive Modern “Pro-mo” Consultation for the Restaurant Industry:

-One on One with Executive Chef and/or other executives.

-Seminar for all staff: “How to maintain a healthy body and mind in the hospitality industry”

-Menu evaluation

-All perishable and dry food product evaluation and recommendations on how to get in the solution

-Hands on “Promo” food demonstration with all staff

(click link below to book consult)

Private and Corporate Demonstrations:

Let’s face it, every business, whether a professional law firm or a busy hair salon is full of employees working long hours, most neglecting their diet and therefore their health, and at the end of the day the excuse is usually, “I just don’t have the time.” From my own experience, even as a chef being surrounded by food, this was also my excuse for many years. Take the time for yourself and your staff to shed some light on this overseen lifestyle and bring a viable solution to the table, the kitchen table that is.

-One hour educational demonstration done in your facility

-Recipes and nutritional information for all who attend

You will personalize the demonstration to fit the group’s interest. Below are some popular topics

“Think Like a Chef”  “Local Plant Based ”  “Gluten Free”  “Vegan/Vegetarian”  

“Clean Sweets”  “Sticking to Whole Foods/Reading Labels” 

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