One on One Consultation & Home Demos

Are you constantly dining out or ordering in because you just don’t have the time to cook at home for yourself or your family? Could you use a little guidance in simplifying cooking at home and planning your meals throughout the day? Whether you are raising a family, a single professional working ton of hours or a college grad trying to organize your kitchen and time management chances are you may have answered yes to these questions.

Having overcome the debilitating lifestyle of a chef and found balance in maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit, I am driven to better those around me whether on a one on one basis in your own kitchen or through educational demonstrations in a group.

One on One Consultation / Kitchen Evaluation

-Full equipment and utensil evaluation, suggestions for ideal workspace

-Personalized meal plan with nutritional needs, shopping list and cooking schedule to get you on your way to a healthier you. 

(click link below to book a free consult)

Private Cooking Demonstrations

Host at your gym, yoga studio, home or office.

-One hour educational demonstration with recipes/hand outs. 

Some themes Include:

“New England Home Cook”  “Local Plant Based”  “Gluten Free”

“Vegan/Vegetarian”  “Clean Sweets”  

and my favorites…  “Plant Based PROTEIN”  “Plant Based Toxins”

​​​You will learn…

  • ​Basic kitchen fundamentals and knife skills
  • Storing food properly
  • ​How to utilize helpful tools and equipment
  • How to execute your meals timely and efficiently
  • Understand and love the food you are eating​ for its benefits
  • Incorporate whole foods and crowd out processed-refined foods
  • How to get that sweet factor without the unhealthy guilt​


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